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About beside you

We are a group of tax, legal and business advisory firms working with Italian and international SMEs and multinational companies. We provide our services through our head office in Milan, our branches in Switzerland and Scandinavia and our selected network of international partnerships. What sets us apart is that we are a “One stop Advisory Group ” where our customers find a single reference for all their business needs in term of development, management, control and compliance.

We provide guidance and support to companies to meet the needs of the different stages of business life cycle. We help them to draw strategies for tax and legal planning, control management, mergers & acquisitions operations and business development abroad.


In this times of disrupting changes in our life, markets offer new opportunities while bringing new risks. It is not easy to understand where and how to move to take advantange of them. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and executives to facilitate their strategic decisions, to carry out ordinary and extraordinary operations and optimize their business management. To this end, we put in place our great experience, multi-disciplinary knownledge, advanced tools and methods, solutions which bring results and value to the company. The Covid-19 emergency is a great challenge to which we are putting all our efforts to help businesses deal with it.


We are experiencing a technological, industrial, social and sanitary revolution: new models, new professions, new competitive landscapes and new threats are changing the choices of companies for the future. We are committed to providing evolved support to these needs by being the first Innovators in our profession, using new technologies and sustainable models. We also integrate new skills and open new offices abroad to provide customers with increasingly international support.

Beside You



We have worked for many years in large firms of global networks gaining a long and significant experience with customers of different sizes and industries. We used innovative frameworks and methods and gained the vision and the ability to work on complex projects.


Twelve years ago, a group of lawyers and chartered accountants left EY and founded SILT, our International Legal and Tax Firm. What immediately set us apart was the combination of our precious professional background and our new organization with a lean and tailored approach.


Over the years, we have worked on ever-changing customer needs that have inspired us to open new firms to provide new outsourcing services and business advisory in Italy, in Scandinavia and in Switzerland.


After years of successful and lasting relationships with our customers, we decided to change our business model to better respond to their new strategic needs. To achieve this, we integrated our four firms setting up an International Advisory Group under the single new brand named “Beside You”.


Corso di Porta Nuova, 15
20121 Milan - Italy
Phone: (+39) 02 29063277 | (+39) 02 29063278

Via della Campagna, 4
Lugano, Switzerland

St. Olavs Gate 25
0166 Oslo, Scandinavia

Beside You

Corso di Porta Nuova, 15
20121 Milan - Italy
Phone:  (+39) 02 29063277 | (+39) 02 29063278